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LONE SUPERSTAR: David Mullins!

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

David has nearly 50 years experience in the sound and integration industry. David has served in several roles in his career. He started as an apprentice in the early seventies, advanced to journeyman, service technician, operated sound boards for celebrity artists, worked sound stages at the Great State Fair of Texas, operations manager, purchasing manager, and now our PITCO manager. You cannot pull the wool over on this guy.

David is a longtime friend. He was my mentor and supervisor in prior companies. David has proven to be consistent and reliable in his passion to help the customer. David understands the vendor/customer relationship. He demands excellence from himself and those that serve him.

David not only sees our end users as customers, he sees the technician that receives his fabricated product as his customer. He is always thinking about how to make it better for the next guy. David is generous with his knowledge and loves to share with anyone that is interested. He finds it difficult to observe work that he knows should be done to a higher standard. He will intervene!

David loves to be at work. In his early years, David was an avid basketball player. More than once I have heard him say “just give me the ball.” Implying, I will get it done. He also indulged in golf whenever possible. For years he would rush out the door at the end of a day’s work to catch nine before the sunset.

David taught me things like, ”If you can pay your bills ten days late, why can’t you pay them 10 days early?” If you are around David for very long you will hear his wisdom emerge. You do have to listen.

David has beaten back cancer. He did not let it define who he was. We were fortunate to be part of his recovery. The PITCO area was in transition and David was the person that developed and grew its value. The PITCO room and the products it produces have raised our value as a company. David set the bar high.

When you can, stop by and see what is happening back there in PITCO. David will show you around.

What about this person is outstanding?

He consistently lives his values!

What do you do at LSC?

Manage the Fabrication Shop PITCO

What positions have you had at LSC?

My only position with Lone Star is managing the PITCO area

What accomplishments are you most proud of?

Fabricated products that are easy to install and service, which saves the company and the customer warranty rework.

Tell me something we do not know about you that you feel comfortable sharing.

I did not know that I was scared of heights until I had to work on a 90 ft. tower.

What jobs did you have before LSC?

Newspaper route, grocery store, and at sixteen I got in the sound business for the rest of my life (He has worked with many different sound companies as an employee and as a contractor).

What do you do for fun?

Watch grandkids play ball or coach.

What is your most memorable vacation?


Do you have a story reflecting One Team, Purpose, Family?

I like that we can count on all the departments for their experience in each phase of workflow, which makes this a very powerful company.

- Dan Hiett, Chief Operating Officer, Grand Prairie



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