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Updated: Dec 2, 2020

When the Employee Profile comes around, I enjoy taking the time to consider who exemplifies One Team, One Purpose, One Family. Why? Reflecting on all the great people I get to work with, their contributions to what we do, and who we are as a company reminds me of all the positive happenings.

This month, I chose to focus on someone that was new to this industry a mere 18 months ago, and has taken this role to levels we imagined it could be but had not yet seen from a sales representative. I am referring to Jason Palik; pronounced Pah-Lick, noun, origin of Ireland and Czechoslovakia, meaning: One who goes above and beyond for his customers, fellow employees, and holds up integrity like a light in the dark.

At all times, Jason embodies One Team, One Purpose, One Family, and it oozes into every meeting, conversation, proposal delivery, phone call, huddle, checking on employees, customers, and displays his passion for life safety. He is a high energy, high drive sales representative that is always looking for new enterprise level business to maximize our touch points with customers, which increases the other representatives' touch points.

When customers balk at pricing, Jason talks about our purpose, the importance of having a team behind them that care about their lives, and that there is higher value on that than the price of our services. There is no budging from that for Jason because he absolutely believes in his bones that what we do matters, and we save lives. Customers can feel it. He isn’t selling them something. He’s helping them and making them look like rock stars to their boss.

What happens when he isn’t turning in newly signed contracts every week? Jason is a family man, married to “his beautiful bride” Sarah, and together they “have two amazing kiddos.” Judd (at 5 years old) is the oldest, loves fishing with his dad and playing with his transformers. Lilly is the youngest, rocking her 3 years of age by being ornery. She enjoys going on date nights with daddy, and playing in her toy kitchen.

Jason & Family

Who is Jason Palik, and how did he land here at Lone Star Communications as a Service Sales Representative? Jason was born in Jacksonville and raised in Cabot, Arkansas. He then attended the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville. Obviously, Jason majored in business and sales which is why he naturally does so well? No, he majored in percussion performance and German. Wer hat beim Abitur kein Schlagzeug und Deutsch in Betracht gezogen?

Jason hat einen tollen bekommen *cough* sorry, as I was saying, Jason got a great referral from a former Lone Star Communications employee and hit the ground running. One of the things I appreciate about Jason is that he is going to have the difficult conversation, and that includes with yours truly. It’s not based in malice, it’s a check in on our values – does this action match the values we live by? Are we acting in the best interest of the customer and Lone Star Communications?

Jason, what is your favorite part of working at Lone Star Communications? “I love making friends with our customer base and helping them keep their workers, employees, and facilities safe! I also love how Lone Star Communications values and honors its staff. I’ve worked in toxic work environments in the past, so I deeply appreciate the staffing culture that this company has built!”

What makes you tick Jason? What are your hobbies? “I’m an avid fisherman. In fact, I took a customer (Buddy Mills from Pace Industries) to go catch a few crappie! I’ve also been a drummer my entire life. I traveled and played with a country singer/songwriter named Adam Hambrick for 9 years.” Were the songs always in English, Jason?

Alright Jason, tell us some things we don’t know about you. “I’m left-handed, I don’t have toenails on either of my big toes, I love to cook, pastored for 11 years, and have an amazing life that I’m very thankful for!” Eye, yeh, yah….we didn’t need to know about the toe nails, man.

- Kevin Henderson, Chief Operating Officer, Arkansas/Louisiana



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