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LONE SUPERSTAR: Marissa Cerna!

For this month, I chose to highlight Marissa Cerna of the Houston office by spinning the wheel of names of employees of the month for 2021.

Adapted by an article written by Jamie Selman for the July employee of the month.

Marissa has been with Lone Star Communications since November of ’06 (Halco 2006 – 2015). This year will mark her 15-year anniversary.

Marissa was born in Allende, Nuevo León Mexico and moved to Houston when she was two-years old. Marissa enjoys spending time with her grandchildren any chance she gets. She likes watching scary movies and dislikes being home alone. She also likes to go visit family in Mexico and travel to places where she can enjoy mountains and rivers.

Marissa considers her biggest accomplishment paying off her first house and just about paying off the second one. She enjoys volleyball, but as far as other sports go, she is not a fan of any team in particular.

Comments from Marissa’s coworkers for July 2021 Employee of the Month

· Marissa Cerna is the kind of person who’s always available to help us regarding HR so she definitely is my employee of the month this time.

· Marissa is always willing to help regardless of how busy she is.

· Always gets the work done on time.

· Marissa is a hard-working lady that gets the job done.

· Team player, hard worker and dedicated.

· Great Supervisor ;)

· Always available to help.

Q & A from Amy Weisinger

Q: Where is your hometown?

A: Allende, Mexico

Q: Where did you go to school?