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LONE SUPERSTAR: Scott Nations!

We chose to recognize Scott Nations. He stood out particularly this time around because he does not look for any recognition. He is very humble and goes above and beyond the call anytime. When you look at the qualities for the employee highlight, he fits the mold. While Scott was already involved with many Baylor Scott & White (BSW) projects and initiatives, he then began to help us out with day-to-day customer support for BSW. He has been on countless conference calls with BSW, Connexall and many others, helping us get back on top and picking up the slack. For BSW alone, he has been engaged in all the new Connexall implementations and upgrades, as well as daily support, and even regularly scheduled patching for the many servers we support at BSW. These patching events usually start before midnight and end around 5am most times. I have always known that we have a great team of people that have our backs and Scott is doing exactly that for the BSW support team without any hesitation. One Team, One Purpose, One Family is in his blood. I am proud to introduce Scott Nations to our extended Lone Star Communications family.

Scott Nations was born January 4, 1975, in Austin, Texas. He grew up here in Georgetown. He is married with 1 child and 2 grandchildren. If you have ever talked to Scott, you know he loves his family very much. I am not sure how he finds time to have a hobby, but he loves hunting and fishing. He also loves making arrow heads and making prehistoric tools.

Scott started at Lone Star Communications Central Texas (LSCT), formerly Advanced Communications, with his family in 1998. When we asked Scott what he likes the most about his job and what we do, he provided a couple of answers - with one answer emanating from the perspective of being an original owner - which was creating jobs for families as the company grew, and now as an Information Technology, Connexall, telephony specialist, he loves what we do as a company. Scott also previously worked in the Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning field. We asked Scott to give us some examples of any projects that stick out to him from over the last 22 years; his reply “was installing voice data & fiber in AISD “Austin”, NEISD “San Antonio”, & KISD “Killeen.” This is what lead us to where we are now.”

Scott says every day is either taking care of a hot button item or planning on taking care of a hot button item for one of our many customers. He also handles our scheduled phone or middle-ware integrations and maintenance; then throw on top of that a lot of the daily customer changes and our emergencies involving phone & middle ware integrations.

Scott is proficient in R5 Software, SIP Server, ADT, and AD. He works very closely with each facility's Telephony Systems Engineers.

What does Scott enjoy best about being here? His co-workers. Scott is really excited about the caliber of people he gets to work with every day.

In 5 years, Scott sees himself continuing to help out his coworkers and the facilities that we support.

- Victor Gonzalez, Chief Operating Officer, Central Texas



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