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March Employees of the Month

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

April 2023 Newsletter



We are proud to announce that Ramona Rook has been selected as Employee of the Month for March!!

Ramona Rook

Ramona arrived at Lone Star Communications in January of 2009 in the role of Executive Administrative Assistant in the admin department and is now Director of Human Resources. Ramona holds a Professional Human Resources (PHR) certification. She is married to Alec Rook and their kids are Linz, Lauren & Brandon. Coming home to Gracie (her dog) is her favorite part of the day. She is from Arkansas, she loves listening to music with her friends and going to the beach. Ramona was nominated based on her ability to get things done, resolve conflict, and build trust among her co-workers. Thanks Ramona for upholding our values: One Team, One Purpose, One Family!

Comments from Ramona's Coworkers

"She is the walking definition of an unsung hero. She runs HR, smoothly, for the whole company, answers phone calls and questions from our employees, puts together meetings when it is time for insurance (again, for the WHOLE company), and maintains many records, like personnel files, training, drug testing, etc. On the subject of personnel, she does the hiring paperwork and is responsible for getting new employees set up in 360, and helping old employees when they have a problem with 360. She, also, assists Ray Bailey with projects and is a part of management. She does a lot more but here is the thing…..she does it all with a smile on her face and a pleasant, helping attitude. She maintains ONE Purpose and the team, so we can be one family."


Ramona will be receiving a $50 gift card and an Employee of the Month certificate.

I also would like to congratulate Heiko Smith on winning the participation award. He will be receiving a $25 gift card for being randomly selected among those that participated.



We are proud to announce that the Grand Prairie team has selected Keith Johnson as Employee of the Month for March!

Keith started his career at Lone Star Communications on June 18th, 2018. He is a part of our Service Department and holds the position of Service Technician.

Keith Johnson

Comments from Keith's coworkers

  • "Always a team player."

  • "A top-tier tech. Always impresses and gets it right."

  • "He is the "YESMAN", when it comes to team work or help he is always available to assist you."

  • "Keith is a very hard-working employee. Every time he gets a call, he hits his assignment hard. He ensures each job is done to the finest of details. One Team"

  • "Goes above and beyond, always available to help a teammate."

  • "Always available to help out."

  • "He is a hard worker and goes out of his way to help one of his teammates.

  • "KJ is the bombdigity of PA in Hospitals everywhere!"

"Keith is a constant professional. He goes way above and beyond for our customer's and his Teammates. He exemplifies the company motto and our Service Teams values we have set. Every customer he comes in contact with, instantly loves him and wants him back for every issue they may have. It is a true blessing to have him on our Team and have him with Lone Star. He is one of a kind and has a vast list of knowledge and is always willing to teach and is the first to volunteer for anything needed. Our Team is that much stronger with him. Love this guy!" - Michael Traylor

"Keith Johnson, what can you say about this guy? First, he is the only person alive that likes to work on hospital PA systems and is good at it. He works like there is no tomorrow, willing to help anyone who needs it. Keith is a very important part of the team, and we are blessed to have him." - Michael Langelier




We are proud to announce that the Grand Prairie team has selected Luis Rodriguez as Employee of the Month for March!

Luis started his career at Lone Star Communications on January 14th, 2019. He is a part of our IT Department and holds the position of IT Specialist - Integration.

Luis Rodriguez

Comments from Luis' coworkers

  • "Luis is always driven and doing such a great job. He is very knowledgeable and helps anywhere he can. He exhibits all three of the Lone Star qualities!"

  • "Helpfulness."

  • "One Team, One Family, One Purpose."

  • "Always willing to help and be a team player!"

  • "Regardless of recently transferring to IT, Luis has always extended a helping hand to support struggling service techs at any time. He has showed the core principle of team work making the dream work and has even offered to help on sites off the clock. He’s someone that exhibits all of Lone Star’s core values as a team player and friend."

  • "ONE TEAM!"

"Luis has taken a big step forward to helping LSC become the number 1 integrator for Healthcare." - Eric Gillespie

"Luis has successfully transitioned from a go-to team member of the Grand Prairie service department to a go-to team member of the LSC Technology Team. Luis continues to bridge the relationship and needs of the customer between Service and Technology to provide the highest quality customer experience. Super proud to have Luis as a member of IT and Lone Star Communications. Well deserved and congratulations." - Jeff Richard


Keith and Luis will each receive a $50 gift card as well as an Employee of the Month coin. Each show what is to be One Team, One Purpose, and One Family. Thank you for all that you do and congratulations once again!



We are proud to announce that Richard Morrow has been selected by the Central Texas team as Employee of the Month for March!

Richard began working at Lone Star Communications in 2006 in the role of installer and now is a Project Manager out of LSCT Georgetown office.

Richard Morrow

Comments from some of Richard's coworkers.

  • "Richard has been a great employee & friend to all his coworkers."

  • "He has never backed down from anything new, he is always willing to go the extra mile to get the project done."

  • "Richard is an example of what hard work & dedication can achieve."

  • "Richard continues to excel at 150% every day. I am glad to be his coworker."


Richard will be receiving an Artic Back Pack cooler and $50 dollar gift card.



We are proud to announce that Julie Fischer has been selected by the Houston team as Employee of the Month for March!

Julie has been nominated as March’s Employee of the Month. She began her journey 14 Years ago in the Sales Department with Halco on November 3, 2008, and has continued with Lone Star. Julie has been described as the most passionate person at Lone Star when it comes to her customers. She makes sure they come first no matter what else is going on in her personal life. Julie is honest and shoots from the hip but is always willing to help or mentor anyone who needs help. She is brave, caring, fierce, and does not back down from a challenge. What more would you expect from a Harley Motorcycle riding Oma (grandma)!

Julie Fischer

Comments from Julie's coworkers

  • “200% dedication to her customers, Team, and Company.”

  • “Hard working and really cares about her customers!”

  • “Julie is always willing to help out in any way she can”


Julie will receive a gift set from behind door #2 in Alyssa’s Office and we will add his name to the plaque in the front office to start off the Employees of the month for 2023.

Finally, Julie will receive a limited-edition Employee of the Month Commemorative Custom Coin that is still being designed.

Wheel of Names

Andrew Mueller has won the gift card drawing for this month. Thanks for Participating!



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