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May Employee Updates

Updated: May 5, 2022

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The Human Resources/Talent Development Team visited the Arkansas office and met with the managers for a wonderful training session. We collectively agreed that we learned a lot. Thank you, Ramona, Alatrae and Trey for the training and encouragement on how we can better serve our staff. You all did great!

Melinda Gibbs | Office Manager

Lone Star Communications

Arkansas Office

April 29, 2022

Andrew Mueller

Donna Montgomery gives a shout out to Houston March Employee of the Month Andrew Mueller for the content preparation and administering our first Business Intelligence (BI) Course for our SD6 partner and Rauland Distributor, ECD of Tempe Arizona.

He was able to train their Informatics Nurse and Programmer in how to build BI for their customers. This will become one of the Professional Services that we will continue to offer to other Distributors.

The course was highly successful and also provides a good foundation for our internal LSC team members that will need to build BI for our customers.


Regina Wysocki

Regina Wysocki Informatics Clinical Application Specialist​

Lone Star Communications​ was presenting at the ANIA Annual Conference.

Click on Regina's photo to take you to the article.


May 14, 2022

Lone Star Communications Motorcycle Run

Our organizer is Julie Fischer -

The origination point:

The Fredonia Hotel

200 North Fredonia Street

Nacogdoches, TX 75961

Meet at 10:00

The Route

Nacogdoches -> Swift -> Center -> Joaquin -> Huxley Bay (Toledo Bend) -> New Harmony -> Center ->Swift -> Nacogdoches

123 Mile Run - All of the run is beautiful country and most is in the National Forrest.

April 11, 2022

From the desk of Ramona R Rook, PHR | Senior HR Director

Luis Rodriguez

Please join me in welcoming Luis Rodriguez to Lone Star Communications as an Installer in the Grand Prairie office. Luis begins his employment on 4/11/22 and reports to Chris Bell. He brings more than 2 years of low voltage experience and has expertise in Voice, Data, Fiber, coax installation and termination.

In his spare time Luis enjoys playing soccer, reading, and watching TV.

Please join me in welcoming Luis Rodriguez to our team! He can be reached at: 469-774-1137, or

Jose Garcia

Jose Garcia joined Lone Star Communications as a Technician on 4/11/22 at the Grand Prairie location and reports to Chris Bell. He brings more than 10 years of experience and has expertise in Data and Fiber installation and termination.

In Jose’s spare time he enjoys spending time with his kiddos playing at the park, Tee-ball, and volleyball. He also enjoys horseback riding.

Please join me in welcoming Jose Garcia to our team! He can be reached at: 817-266-8540,

April 13, 2022

Damian Hernandez

Please join me in welcoming Damian Hernandez to Lone Star Communications. He is an Installer in the Grand Prairie office and reports to Chris Bell. Damian is looking forward to starting his new career in the low voltage industry, installing Nurse Call systems, and helping make our communities safer.

In his spare time, Damian enjoys playing soccer, going for runs, and spending time with his pets.

Welcome to the team Damian! We are excited to have you join us. He can be reached at: 469-583-6583 or

April 25, 2022

Christopher Ditzler

Christopher Ditzler joined Lone Star Communications as a Service Technician on April 25th at Grand Prairie and reports to Michael Traylor. He brings more than 6 years of Structured Cabling and Device Installation experience and has expertise in Access Control and Security Integration.

In Chris’ spare time he enjoys spending time with family, is a home chef and enjoys table top games.

Please join me in welcoming Chris Ditzler to our team! He can be reached at:

May 3, 2022

From the desk of Alatrae Pruitt | Talent Acquisition Specialist

Chase Barrier

Chase Barrier joined Lone Star Communications as a Technology Support Specialist on May 2, 2022 at LSC Grand Prairie office and reports to Jeff Richard. He brings more than two years of IT Support experience and has expertise in Customer Support.

In Chase’s spare time he loves spending time with his wife, Heather, and two children Bella and Bridget.

Please join me in welcoming Chase Barrier to our team! He can be reached at:




April 27, 2022

Joe Jackson Retirement Dinner - Arlington Texas

"I have had a great career. Like everyone some good some bad. Some meant something, but until now it never served a higher purpose. The money we make in this lifetime provides for our needs in this life. The good that we are doing for humanity is putting money in the bank for our real futures. We are the luckiest people alive. This and we understand to our core that it is fun that makes money, and it’s not the other way around. Integrity, we say what we mean and do what we say, no matter what."

"Nobody could have a better last chapter than me, but for all of you there is still time and that is my challenge to you. Top my experience – if you can."

I love you all - JJ

Dan Murphy, Patt Bowles, Kevin Henderson, John Borden, Marquis Woodard, Joe Jackson, Cindy Jackson, Dona Montgomery, Ray Bailey, Chris Andrus, Dan Hiett

Outside the field of view are Marquis Woodard (blocked by John), Victor Gonzalez, Ron Kruse, Ryan Bailey, & Michael Lee.

Joe Jackson & Ray Bailey
Now moving to another stage, Retirement is all the rage, Remember Lone Star with fondness please, We hope the juice was worth squeeze

Chris Andrus - Reading Joe's speech
Joe Jackson Bingo

April 28, 2022

Grand Prairie Office:

Each new hire receives a mug filled with sweet treats and a title of “LSC Newest Star”. This month was Jose Garcia, Luis Rodriguez and Damian Hernandez.

Celebrating Ryan Bailey’s 15th work anniversary with a work “survival kit”. The bag is filled with work treats like oatmeal cups, slim Jim’s, chewing gum, trail mix, and more. Ryan especially enjoyed the Slim Jim’s.

Ryan Bailey’s 15th work anniversary

Prepping for the April’s Birthday Celebration. Each egg was filled with chocolate goodness.

April’s Birthday Celebration

Goodie bags are prepped to hand out to each of our birthday teammates. This month is Michelle Harris, Michael Lee & Keith Johnson each received a bag and a birthday card at their desk’s.

Birthday goodie bags

This event is brought to you by the SEC - Special Events Committee.

If you are interested in joining, please email Lasonia, Erika, or Alatrae for more details.

Lasonia B. Reed | Systems Designer

Employee Appreciation April 2022


Steven Spangler

Victor Gonzalez

Kristin Best & Richard Morrow

(L to R) Jessica Hammond, Angel Rashin, Reese Hardin, Agustin Gamboa (backs L to R) Alexis Chavez & Hammurabi Bueno

(L to R) Reese Hardin, Hammurabi Bueno, Jessica Hammond, Valerie Brzykcy & Robby Culver

Richard Morrow & Victor Gonzalez

Steven Spangler & Jessica Hammond


Employee Appreciation April 2022

San Antonio

(L to R) Shaun Essary, Chris Russell & Jose Mendez

(L to R) David Gonzalez, Jose Mendez, Mariano Perez, Steven Spangler & Shaun Essary

Austin Garcia & Steven Spangler



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