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May Employees of the Month

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

June 2022 Newsletter



Debra Sandoval

Debra Sandoval arrived back in January of 2019 to assume the role of Health Care Account Manager for Lone Star Houston. Debra reports to Marquis Woodard and works with Cliff Switzer, Julie Fischer, Aaron Reyna, and Greg Propps in the healthcare market.

Although not from the Lone Star State, Debra has some big ties to the Houston Cougars (her son Max is a graduate of U of H). Debra is the first one to dress up for any holiday and neighbors report that her Christmas decorations might possibly be over the top. She also will be joining the employee advisory council which meets in early June.

Comments from Debra's coworkers

  • "Hardworking, dedicated, always available with a smile."

  • "She is a great team member.”

  • "Deb is amazing to work with. Exceptional customer service."

  • She always tries her best to get what you need!”

  • "She always has a helping hand and an ear to listen. She works at all hours, even late into the night."

  • "She works night and day to make sure everything is taken care of and makes sure the customers are satisfied. We can always count on her."

  • "Deb is Awesome!"

"Deb’s role as account manager has changed a lot since she started. She has taken on new responsibilities and helped shape current procedures, all in an effort to keep customers happy. Deb truly believes in One Team, One Purpose, One Family. Everything she does is to improve one or more of our core beliefs.

Interesting Fact, though she may not be fluent in Spanish, Deb is very proud of her Hispanic background."

- Marquis Woodard


Debra will receive a gift set from behind door #44 in Ron’s office and we will add her name to the plaque in the front lobby alongside the other 2022 Employees of the Month (Joel Orellana, Cris Ortega, Andrew Muller, Carlos Melo).

Finally, Debra will receive a limited-edition Employee of the Month commemorative custom coin designed by our own Cliff Switzer.

Designed by Cliff



David Stewart

I would like to congratulate David Stewart on being chosen by the LSAR team as the May Employee of the Month. David was nominated based on the positive impact he has had on our company in just a short time. He has a heart for his coworkers, his team, and our customers.

Hailing from the Natural State, David is the Sales Leader for LSAR based in the Springdale office, reports to Kevin Henderson, and works with the other Sales Leaders. He brought to us over 20+ years of experience in Sales and Sales Leadership.

He is also a part of the LSAR Executive and Strategic Planning Teams.

Comments from David's coworkers

  • "David joined the team just a short time ago and his impact on the company has been felt in a positive way already. He is happy to assist in any way he is able and has a great outlook on things for future growth and better efficiency."

  • "He has been in my opinion a great A Player for us. Also, I feel he is a great role model for at least myself to look up to and try to better myself.

  • "My vote is for David Stewart!!! He has come in here with awesome energy and attitude trying to do anything he can to make Lone Star better. I see a huge difference in how the Sales Team operates now. David is a team player and a joy to be around."

  • "He’s always encouraging, praising, and supporting the sales team. Now it is time to show him recognition."

  • "David is a breath of fresh air. I appreciate his new perspective on things and his love for our people."

  • "He has a genuine kindness about him. He is great with us and great with our customers. I’m just so very thankful to have him on our team."


David will receive an EOM certificate signed by Kevin and a $50 gift card.


- Melinda Gibbs





Laura started her career at Lone Star Communications on January 24, 2022. She is a part of the Service department and holds the position of Service Coordinator.

Roland started his career at Lone Star Communications on December 6, 1993. He is a part of Operations and holds the position of Lead Technician.

Each show what is to be One Team, One Purpose, and One Family. Thank you for all that you do and congratulations once again!

Laura Boulet

"Laura strives for excellence. She has quickly built a trusting relationship with our Service TEAM and has built a great relationship with our customer base. She has come a long way in a short time by being determined to succeed and staying on top of things she is involved in and gaining constant knowledge to perform her duties quickly and proficiently.

Laura has worked very hard at being successful without waivering. She has stayed professional and positive even in tough situations and days. She also works very well with other TEAM members across departments.

Laura has quickly become the favorite employee on the Eastside, and it is not just because she brings delicious snacks to us. 😊

Laura is a valuable asset to us and is becoming an A+ player. I am proud to have her on our TEAM and have the great pleasure of working with her every day. Thank you for joining the TEAM Laura!"

- Michael Traylor

Comments from Laura's coworkers

  • "It has been an awesome opportunity to get to work with Laura more closely these last couple of weeks. Laura has gone above and beyond to make sure she gets the customer's needs met!"

  • "Laura goes the extra mile with great communications and follow-up, both internally with coworkers and externally with customers."

  • "Long story short - I called in last week and did not leave a message with service. I actually called in twice. The next morning, I received a call from her asking me if I needed anything because she saw a "missed number" on her phone. 10 minutes later I received a second call from the second call I made without leaving a message. If this is the service we provide each morning, we are doing an outstanding job of trying to take care of our customers."

  • "Assisting in setting the bar for Customer Service relationships."

Roland Sotello

"Roland is a team player willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done, always going above and beyond. He has been a great mentor to new techs joining the company with his knowledge and experience."

- Kyle Kotrla

Comments from Roland's coworkers

  • "Very detail-oriented and always there to help. Hard worker."

  • "Wisdom & Patience"

  • "Roland always does quality work with attention to detail."

  • "Definitely One Team! Roland taught me so much early on in my career. He always offered to help when I needed it."

  • "All you have to do is call Roland and he will help you any way he can."


Each person will receive a $50 card along with an Employee of The Month commemorative coin.



Comments from David's coworkers

  • There’s a ton of IT work on the horizon, Jason’s focused like always to set em up and knock em down”

  • “Jason is always ready to assist us and our customers with any IT issues”

  • “Jason is proactive in making sure we have functional servers and laptops.”


Jason will receive this EOM certificate signed by Victor as well as an RTIC Back Pack Cooler and a $50.00 gift card!

Thank you Jason for all you do for us in Lone Star Central Texas!


- Steven Spangler




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