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May Help Desk

May, 2022


The IT team is launching a new internal IT support process


As we continue to improve processes to align as ONE LONESTAR, the IT team is launching a new internal IT support process to make it easy for you all to get your technology issues resolved as quickly as possible. The system works via email, which simplifies the process to make IT requests and report any issues you may be experiencing.

What you get?

  • Ease of ticket creation via email,

  • Automated ticket number generation for tracking

  • ALL IT support staff receive communication regarding your issue

  • YOU receive confirmation that IT is aware and working to resolve your issue

  • Automated status updates regarding issue resolution

  • Email notification when issue is resolved and ticket is closed

What we need from you?

  • Send email to

  • Subject line: Location/office and quick one-liner about the issue. (EG. LSC Grand Prairie: I can’t sign into VPN)

  • Body of the email: here you can type up a more detailed account of your issue. (EG. I think my domain account has either been locked out, or needs a password change/reset)

  • If your issue is email related and sending a ticket is not possible from your work email, you can use your personal email to generate the ticket and simply add your work email as a CC and state your name in the subject line for clarity.

  • Contact number to receive call from IT Support if more information is required

- Jeff Richard, CTO




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