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May Houston Weekly Office Update

Updated: May 27, 2022

Ronald F. Kruse | Chief Operating Officer

Lone Star Communications, Houston

(d) 281-846-7352

(c) 817-739-5106

Memorial Day May 30, 2022

Our thanks to all who have served.

Sam Elliott's inspiring tribute to Sargent Ray Lambert from the 2019 National Memorial Day Concert


May 25, 2022

CAS (Clinical Applications Specialist) Summit Houston 5/25 & 5/26

  1. Donna Montgomery

  2. Andrew Mueller

  3. Monique Dow

  4. Regina Wysocki

  5. Mary Whisenhunt

  6. Sharlisa Raley

  7. Veronica Contreras

  8. Valerie Brzykcy

  9. John Salyers

  10. Tessa McAuley

  11. Marquis Woodard (Guest Presenter)

  12. Jon Pennington (Guest Presenter)


Cliff Switzer, Hector Reyes, Jon Pennington


May 19, 2022


Sent: Wednesday, May 18, 2022 3:29 PM Subject: Shout out to Gabe Sanchez for his Responder 5 Presentation for MD Anderson om May 18!

This week is Healthcare Technology Management Week (May 15-22, 2022) as defined by AAMI (Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation).

Who knew?

Well, MD Anderson knew and they asked Lone Star to give a presentation for their Facilities Engineers on the inner workings of the Responder 5 Head End, Wiring Diagrams, Troubleshooting, etc.

MD Anderson brought in about 20 people from their campuses and fed them box lunches while Gabe Sanchez gave an outstanding Power Point Presentation, via a Teams Portal and a big screen.

So a Big SHOUT-OUT to Gabe for putting on an excellent presentation, and elevating Lone Star’s reputation in the eyes of the Customer!

Thank you, Gabe!


A big Shout Out to Justo Garza for leading the Project Kick-Off Meeting for the full Nurse Call Replacement at HMH Willowbrook on 5/18.

Justo had an important li

ne-up of Methodist People in attendance (and we all know the Lone Star Attendees were important too)!

Justo’s had good control of the meeting, his Power Point was right on point (pardon the pun) and I appreciate the invitation to attend.

Thanks, Justo!

Gregory Propps | Technology Consultant