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More Challenges. But We’ve Got This!

Hello yet again,

Here we are with another missive from Central Texas.

Since we last talked – a lot has gone on.

We’ve made the most of it – we are getting on extremely well despite all the challenges we’ve faced. Each time we turn, it seems, we are faced with another obstacle.

Together, we continue to excel.

The Delta variant continues to take its shot at us, both domestically and abroad. Domestically we seem to be getting a handle on things with vaccinations and precautions but, abroad, COVID continues to cause us problems. The issues COVID has caused for our supply chain simply cannot be ignored.

We are faced with hefty surcharges as our manufacturer’s fight to get the component level electronics they need to manufacture the equipment we install.

If the surcharges weren’t enough – the same issues are making the equipment harder and harder to get, lead times increasing to a here-to-fore never seen level.

Yet – we continue to march on. We are finding ways to continue to provide for our customers. Attacking things in ways that make sure we remain relevant and looked to as trusted partners as our customers face the same obstacles.

We are taking a hard look at all we do, and have done, with our professional services group to see which stones we’ve left unturned. To employ an overused phrase – we truly are thinking “outside the box” to create value in avenues we thought we’d already travelled.

For example - we are working on potentially game changing partnerships with companies that were essentially our competitor in the recent past. They need some of what we have and, in turn, we will partner with them to get what we need and make both companies more capable and dangerous to our competition.

All of this makes us a better, more agile and capable team/family as we face whatever comes next together.

I mentioned in my last article the need to to take a few minutes every now and then and think about where we all will be 12 months and 18 months from now. That certainly still applies; it’s also worthwhile to take a look at where we are now, what we’ve been able to do, how we’ve adapted and continued to push forward no matter.

As I said previously –

Here’s to what’s next!

-Chris Andrus, VP of Sales & Business Development, Central Texas

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