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Updated: Jun 2, 2022

June 1, 2022

Employee Advisory Council

Lone Star Communications has a new Employee Advisory Council that has front line staff who represent each office. The purpose of the Employee Advisory Council is to create a feedback loop from front line staff to LSC leaders and back to the staff. The LSC Leaders have identified a theme in the Emplify Survey that points out that many staff feel like they do not have or get adequate communications from their leaders. The formation of the Employee Advisory Council is meant as another way that employees can have a voice to the LSC Leaders. The Employee Advisory Council will gather feedback on topics and present back to the LSC Leaders. The Advisory Council will also be asked to assist in giving recommendation with problem that leaders are trying to solve.

The criteria for membership on the Employee Advisory Council will be any employee in a staff level position that is engaged in direct hands-on work, members will attend at least 85% of all meetings, will prepare to discuss and gather feedback from staff on the topic or issues that they have been asked to give feedback and will bring the feedback to the LSC Leaders. The members do not represent themselves or their own opinion but represent the voice of their group(s).

The Employee Advisory Council members are from across all offices and departments. The members include-Trey Meador (Facilitator), Debra Sandoval, Brian Fraser, Buck Smith, Kristin Best, Casey Lackey, Nicole Flores, Alfonso Prieto, Violeta Soria, and Drew Lavender. The first meeting will be held on June 8th at 9:00 AM and the main topic will be regarding Communication Methods.“

- Donna Montgomery


Referral Reward Program


Let's Ignite Lone Star Communications!

I have some incredible news to share with y’all: NSCA is reigniting the Ignite internship program and has asked Lone Star Communications to take the lead.

This is an incredible opportunity to get our name in front of young talent while strengthening partnerships with local educational institutions and evangelizing our commitment to our communities (I believe that’s called a win-win-win). Please read below for opportunities and how YOU can help. For more information, please follow this link: Ignite Your Career!

We have TWO incredible opportunities:

WE WANT PAID INTERNS: We are looking for FOUR interns (one for each of the four main locations of Georgetown, North Little Rock, Houston, and Grand Prairie) to apply, interview, and commit to at least 8 weeks and an average of no less than 30 hours of on-the-job training, mentorships, and learning about what makes communications technology an incredibly important field in today’s quickly changing world. Each intern will receive a mentor, so if you have a passion for our industry and commitment to Lone Star Communications’ future, please reach out and let me know.

Pay Scale: I’m working on developing a scale as we speak. As soon as I get it approved, I’ll let y’all know.

Please review the following for eligibility:

  • Interns DO NOT need to be in a related study/major but have an interest in our industry.

  • Interns must be willing to learn all facets of what we do at Lone Star Communications (operations, service, design, IT & programming, administration & accounting, etc.)

  • Interns must be willing to reflect and report on their time at LSC to NSCA.

  • Interns must be willing to commit to at least 8 weeks of 30+ hours.

LSC WILL HOST AN IGNITE EVENT: Last week, I met with Jeff Kindig, Director of Workforce Development for NSCA, to discuss potential opportunities to host an Ignite event in Dallas-Fort Worth. We batted around a couple of OUTSTANDING ideas. I do not have specifics YET, but please be on the lookout for more emails. Depending on the size and scope of the event, I may need volunteers.


YOU are our greatest recruiter (but there can be only one Alatrae Pruitt, Talent Acquisition Specialist) . If you know a potential candidate, let me know! It can be friends, friends of friends, family, friends of friend’s family, church acquaintances, etc. Let’s find the best young talent our communities have to offer and grow Lone Star Communications!

Time Commitment: The internship will last a minimum of 8 weeks and average no less than 30 hours per week.

Trey Meador, M.Ed | Manager of Talent Development

(o) 972-595-3932



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