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News Update Celebrating our first Job Fair

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

Update 3-17-2022

The Lone Star Grand Prairie Job Fair was attended by eight visitors.

Four were asked to set up interviews the following week.

In addition to the eight visitors, we have several resumes submitted for consideration.

Top Grading is underway.

This event will help to achieve our GP goal of 10-12 techs by April 2nd.

We still need your help to get there.

Please send all resumes to

Thanks to everyone in the GP office for your participation.

Alatrae was the superstar that pulled us all together as a team.

Others that contributed: Michael Langelier, Chris Bell, Jeff Richard, and Trey Meador.


Update 3-2-2022

Job Fair LSC Grand Prairie

Step one: Introduce Lone Star to people you know that fit in the Lone Star Family.

Step two: Invite them to the Lone Star Job Fair on March 11th 11:00 am to 2:00pm

Step three: Follow up with them to encourage them to visit the LSC Job Fair. Better yet, bring them with you to the fair.

Printable PDF:)

LSC Job Fair Spring 22
Download PDF • 1.86MB


What is happening on March 11th at Lone Star?

Job Fair March 11th, 2022 11:00am -2:00pm

Who will be there?

The people you invited to find out about Lone Star. The referrals from the Lone Star team.

This is the opportunity to show new hire candidates what Lone Star has to offer them.

Where will this take place?

Our classroom at 1414 Post and Paddock. Where preparation meets opportunity.

There will be light snacks for those that can come in during a lunch break.

Hiring Managers will be available to share the Lone Star experience.


News Flash

The Lone Star Office in Grand Prairie needs your help.

We, the employees at GP, needs 10-12 new service and field technicians.

This is an ALL HANDS priority for Grand Prairie.

Our first Quarter 2022 priority for our Grand Prairie location is to hire 10-12 ‘A ‘ Player** technicians by April 2nd.

Over the past six months, our technician workforce has reduced in number. There are several reasons for the reduction, one being the slow supply chain. Although we have continued to hire a few ‘A’ Player technicians, we have fewer than needed when the material supply chain recovers.

The slow supply chain has reduced the current demand for technician hours. However, when the supply chain flood gates open, Lone Star will need 10-12 technicians just to meet the customer needs.

In preparation of the supply chain recovery, we need to increase the technician workforce.

To date Alatrae, our LSC recruiter, and the hiring managers have carried the burden of finding, screening, and interviewing all possible new hires.

What does this mean to me and my team?

This means we need all Lone Star employees to participate in finding and hiring candidates.

Well, what can I do? Glad you asked.

Here are some ways to help.

The number one way to recruit is to ask for referrals.

“Who are the most talented people you know that Lone Star should hire?”

“Talented people know talented people.”

That question can be asked at the end of a sales call,

when a vendor visits the purchasing agent, or after a professional conference while networking.

How about asking parents after the youth athletic game?

Any social event has an opportunity to ask the question.

“Who are the most talented people you know that Lone Star should hire?”

Try this one when asked what you do, after you explain what you do ask,

“Now that you know what I do, who are the most talented people you know that could be a good fit at Lone Star?”

You know people that know people. Get their contact, get them to us.


Sales, accounting, operations, warehouse, engineering, service, CAS, programmers, IT.

Who did I miss?

This is an aggressive campaign. April 2nd will be here in a few weeks.

We are asking for your help. The TEAM needs your help!

PS: All resumes for other positions are welcome for future opportunities.

Send all references and resumes to Alatrae Pruitt for processing.

Foot note

**This is a book referencing WHO is the most important piece to a business. Who, by Geoff Smart and Randy Street




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