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One Team, One Purpose, One Family – Let’s Focus on Purpose

Our purpose is what we do that makes us special; we make our communities safer. What we do matters and helps save countless lives every single day. Money is a by-product of making our communities safer; it is not the reason we do what we do. This is how sales describes our purpose because this is how we all feel. It is not a burden to carry this responsibility; it is an honor. In past articles I’ve spoken about what are you doing for your legacy. We can’t talk about this enough because our legacy isn’t the “stuff” we earned during our lifetime, it is how people remember you when you are gone. Each one of us has the mixed blessing of having a career that both takes care of our material needs while also giving back something special to our extended community that is priceless when milliseconds matter.

Our purpose saved my life. When I needed comfort, what gave me the most strength was knowing the good we do and that I get to be a part of it. Every time milliseconds matter and we bring care to the bedside or first responders to a crisis instantly, we helped to save lives and prevented families from going home feeling the worst pain a human can take. Think about that. This is what our work does, on a mass scale, every day.

Our purpose is our ground rod. It is, in fact, what attracts business and makes us unstoppable, because the buyer knows we aren’t chasing their money. We are here to help them with their mission and their purpose. Their purpose too is very spiritually rooted. They know we care and that we share their spiritual commitment to making our communities safe. Our competition sells product. We sell safer outcomes. When you have a chance try this; tell a customer “thank you for what you do”, in particular clinicals and educators. Tell them what they do matters to us and we appreciate it. Watch their face and see how it impacts their behavior. Tip: Do this often if you want a great relationship to develop fast. They get it, and it is important that they know we get it. Our biggest sales weapon is that what we do isn’t just about the money, it is very personal to us. Let the other guys chase their money; the difference is clear to our customer.

Thank you all for what you do to make us special and for giving us one heck of a purpose. jj

-By Joe Jackson, VP of Sales & Marketing, Grand Prairie



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