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Ongoing Discussions

Updated: Jul 5, 2022


Ron Kruse, Chief Operating Officer Houston

July 2022

Out on the town

The monthly town hall and local roundtable discussions are two great ways for employees of Lone Star Communications to stay connected to changes in our company and our industry. June 2 began the monthly sequence of town hall presentations. Our guest presenter was Justin Bailey who walked us through professional services. On August 4 we will have a full town hall meeting with Ray as the main speaker and this quarterly address is mainly about the state of Lone Star and upcoming initiatives. Early September will have a guest speaker once again (presenter and subject TBD) with the opportunity to ask questions on-line.

The forum

Both forums give the employee opportunities to obtain information. The roundtable specifically allows us to engage in a monthly or a quarterly discussion. Topics are varied and some of the discussion thread begins with someone asking a question on a topic that interests them. In the Grand Prairie office there were approximately twenty on-hand for the discussion on June 8. They will have another roundtable on July 6.

Houston has had from three to seven people attend the monthly get-together in February through May (June was cancelled due to an AC failure). We are adjusting the cycle to every eights weeks instead of four weeks. On July 13, the Houston roundtable will take a slightly different turn with our guest Justin Bailey giving a preview of business intelligence software that might have some future application for us. This will be a discussion of a different kind for this group.

Where are you?

The opportunity exists for you to attend and participate. Why not dig a little deeper, get into the discussion and look into the numbers and see what data is used to help to make a decision. If you are not part the conversation, then why not? There is always time to learn something new and share your knowledge.

- Ron Kruse, Chief Operating Officer, Houston



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