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Updated: Apr 5, 2022


April 2022

Dan Hiett

When I think of resilience, I see trees that bend in the wind without breaking. I see how nature recovers from a disaster and I am beginning to see how the world recovers from a pandemic.

The simple definition of resilient is to “bounce back”.

It turns out this word has many implications for resilience depending on your state of wellbeing overall. We will not be going there. I want to look at a larger view of resilience.

We are on a journey to the future. But where have we been? How many times have we bounced back in the last three years? How many recessions, wars, pandemics, stock market adjustments, supply chain issues, hurricanes, zero-degree weather events have we endured, together?

Struggle seems to be part of life. Resilience goes hand in hand

with struggle. It is difficult to see growth

without struggle.

Psychological resilience is the ability to cope mentally or emotionally with a crisis or to return to pre-crisis status.

Bounce back with strength.

Every event may be our opportunity to learn a new skill or discover a strength we did not know we owned. As much as resilience involves “bouncing back” from these difficult experiences, it can also involve profound personal growth

Resilience not only helps you get through difficult circumstances, it also empowers you to grow and even improve your life along the way.

"Resilience also means understanding that life is full of challenges. While we cannot avoid many of these problems, we can remain open, flexible, and willing to adapt to change." Kendra Cherry, MS

"Resilience does not eliminate stress or erase life's difficulties. People who possess this quality don't see life through rose-colored lenses; they understand that setbacks happen and that sometimes, life is hard and painful. They still experience the negative emotions that come after a tragedy, but their mental outlook allows them to work through these feelings and recover." Kendra Cherry, MS

Many of us have gone through good times, more importantly we have also gone through the struggles. I am sure we will face more good times along with the hard times in the future.

Resilience is one of the behaviors that created and sustained our business for thirty years, I think resilience is what will keep our Lone Star vibrant for the next thirty years.

Hang in there and I'll see you on the journey!

- Dan Hiett, Chief Operating Officer, Grand Prairie

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