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Responder® 5 System Installation Certification

Updated: May 4, 2021

Back in 2015 Mickey Longoria and Eric Snyder attended a “train the trainer” class at Rauland in Mount Prospect Illinois. At the conclusion of this class and after some auditing, they were certified by Rauland to teach the Rauland Responder® 5 System Installation class and issue a Factory Certification. Prior to this, we could only get technicians trained in Illinois. Ask Bryan Peltier what it is like to be in the land of Lincoln in January.

Fast Forward a few years and now Chris Coleman of the Grand Prairie office and Gabe Sanchez of the Houston office have replaced Mickey and Eric in the training duties and are able to instruct on the Responder® 5 System Installation Certification. On November 5 & 6 2020, Gabe Sanchez ran the class for Yessenia Zamora of the engineering group and Jacob McMahon of UTMB in Galveston. Below are a few thoughts from Yessenia.

- Ron Kruse

When I worked in the warehouse handling nurse call parts, I was always curious to know how everything connected. Then when I moved to engineering and started working with system floor plans, I was able get a visual of what goes out in the field and get an idea of how everything came together. Recently, I had the opportunity to take the Rauland Responder 5 training two-day class and it was extremely interesting seeing the full functionalities of the Nurse Call System.

The first day was a lecture which helped us to learn and understand the hardware. Understanding parts individually made it a bit clearer to understand how the system works. The second day of class was hands-on, piecing the nurse call together. It is one thing to read literature and another thing is doing it and building it yourself. In the end, some of the literature became clear when working hands-on.

Lastly, I now see what a “finished product and working system” should be. The class helped me understand what I see on floor plans and when co-workers explain what they experience out in the field. If the opportunity comes, I strongly recommend taking the Responder® 5 System Installation Certification class and seeing the overall picture of what Lone Star Communications is all about.

-Yessenia Zamora

-Submitted by Ronald F. Kruse, Chief Operating Officer, Houston



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