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Scatter Shooting Part 2


December 2022

Victor Gonzalez

As I write this we are heading into the Thanksgiving Break. As I start to reflect on the year I am thankful to be a part of Lone Star and to be surrounded by awesome coworkers. I am also thankful that I can be here at Lone Star during this time of growth and expansion. As Ron mentioned last month in his article “Scatter Shooting Part 1” the acquisition/partnership with CareSight and our initiative to install 50 Readers is huge for us. Lone Star has a ton of opportunities coming out of Professional Services. I believe this ensures Lone Star will not be left behind as the Nation transitions from wired to wireless and from physical to virtual. We are the best at installing, servicing, and supporting our customers regarding the hardwired systems. Now we will be the best at data gathering and smooshing. Smooshing is what you call it when you take big amounts of data and turn it into smaller versions so its understandable and useful to our customers. Be on the lookout for CareSight50 around the office and in our newsletters.

On another note, Ray is trying his best to work with the top folks at Rauland to help us get any material shipped out that will help us get projects closed out by the end of the year. We are focusing on the OneZ twoZs (that’s a technical term) so we can tie up as many loose ends as possible and close up those outstanding calls and projects.


We are making some real good progress regarding our ongoing Annual initiative, One Lone Star. We have 3 major objectives this quarter.

The first is Joshua Hiett is working on is Quality Management. This objective is to Restructure the QMS and have a framework documented and uploaded into 360 to express shift in focus from ISO compliance to process improvement (LEAN).

The Second is HealthCare Commissioning Standard. This is simply to Identify Healthcare Standards and apply to our process standards. Our Justin Bailey is leading the charge here. As we build our CAS team and focus on our ability to offer better more efficient workflows for our customers, we need to be sure we have a good way to commission these integrations that draw a clear line that the programming and workflows have been tested and work as intended. Justin, while working with a team he put together, has come up with a great plan to get this Standard put into action.

The third and final item for One Lone Star this quarter is Project Management Standards-Identify Project Management Standards and apply to PM process workflow. Kevin Henderson, COO of LSAR, has put together a team of project managers to help identify standards to use across all regions. This will ensure that Lone Star Customers can expect the same results across all regions.

We have a ton going on this quarter and it doesn’t appear to be slowing down. This is good news for us now and our future. There is opportunity everywhere.

Until next time, thanks to all for taking on the challenges and knocking them out! ONE LONE STAR!

- Victor Gonzalez, Chief Operating Officer, Central Texas




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