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Selling with Social Media

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

Social Media is a hot topic now days. We can all admit, good or bad, it’s a part of our lives - even if we choose not to participate. So how does social media impact Sales or even Lone Star Communications in general? Lets look back to a previous article where we talked about how a customer buys. The first two stages are buying the sales person and buying the company they work for. Even before COVID, customers and buyers spent a lot of time researching the product or offering online before a purchase. This has been magnified since COVID. Customers will Google our products, our company, and employees long before they actually contact us. Often-times what they find in the first few minutes can make lasting impressions.

Selling in a Social Media world allows you to sell even when you are not in front of the customer. Think about your last large purchase and how much research you did before you engaged or encountered a sales associate. Was it a new pair of shoes, a watch, a video game, or Christmas gift? No matter what is was, I’m willing to bet at some point you ended up looking at a review or feedback of what other people thought about the product. Information and feedback from complete strangers – not from the supplier or sales person of the product. As sales people, we have to be prepared for customers that have preconceived notions by the time we interact with them.

Linked In is the business world version of Social Media. It is used for selling products, meeting like minded people, connecting with colleagues, and even hiring or recruiting. That’s right, potential employees might research who you are or our company to see if we are a fit for them. Much the same as LSC hiring managers will review potential candidates and their linked in profiles ahead of an interview session. For both individuals and companies, Linked In has become sort of a living resume. Where have you worked, who have you done business with, and what do your friends, colleagues, or co-workers say about you.

So next time your surfing the inter webs, take a moment to google your own name and see what’s out there. What does the world see of your before they meet you. Does it reflect who you are, who you want to be, or who you were? Regardless of what it shows, being proactive in controlling your Social Media experience means you can change it. But keep in mind, it only takes one bad review to outshine one hundred good reviews.

- Marquis Woodard, Director of Sales, Houston



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