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Short and Sweet

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

A new year is about to arrive.

2020 is exhausting me.

Let us keep it light and have some fun.

The next twelve weeks have the fun holidays. Thanksgiving and Christmas. There are plenty of other fun days like Halloween and New Year’s Day.

Do not forget Veterans Day, November 11th. Fly the flag with pride.

And this is the beginning of Lone Star Communications' 30th year as a team. There is planning in the works to celebrate.

There is much to be grateful for. 

The years sometime feel like an endless cycle not going anywhere. Maybe it is where you are standing.

The new year is not a do over of the last cycle, it is a start of something new from a different perspective. We are not where we were last year, or thirty years ago. We are in a new place with a different perspective. A cycle with movement. The world looks different every day. New ideas and innovations.

Enough with the numbers for a few minutes. 

Go, safely, and have some fun.




We had visitors this week. Not necessarily related.

-Dan Hiett, Chief Operating Officer, Grand Prairie



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