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Since You Mentioned It…

So many great comments, concepts, and constructive thoughts have been shared in our EMPLIFY SURVEYS. We hope you always make it a point to share those thoughts with your supervisor… or your supervisor’s supervisor… We want every issue you raise to be addressed, and since we have no idea who says what, speaking with your supervisor is the very best way for you to get the most current info and direct feedback.

Though you may not always see immediate results, ALL your comments are reviewed, discussed, and when actions seem prudent, actions are taken. When comments are personnel-related (such as “My co-worker does not work as hard as I do”, or “Some people are repeatedly acknowledged while others are overlooked”)… please speak up to your supervisor or to HR! If you say NOTHING, then NOTHING can be done… and all of us truly want to improve any area in which we can make a difference.

So, with that, here are comments taken directly from the Feedback section of our recent surveys. Minor editing may have been done to enhance the grammar and clarity of the statement. [Disclaimer: The thoughts expressed below are 100% the responses by Patt Bowles. No other LSC personnel have been consulted nor have any animals been harmed in the process.]

Statement: “I feel communication of some leadership could be better.”

Response: LSC has implemented 1:1’s for all employees, regular newsletters, informational emails from COOs and Ray, virtual Company meetings, display boards, and more for that exact reason: improve communication, find the best way to get the information you should have delivered in a way you will read it / hear it. Also, hopefully you know that all LSC personnel in leadership positions have a 100% Open Door Policy. This means, if you reach out to anyone on our leadership team, we will make time to visit with you and listen.

Action: In last week’s Strategic Planning Meeting, the SPC named LSC Internal Communication Plan as one of our TOP 3 PRIORITIES for Q4! You will see that posted around your office on the Vision Summary Poster very soon.

Statement: “Start implementing a standard companywide response for inclement weather.”

Response: Each LSC Region has unique weather circumstances. There can be a hurricane going on in south Texas, while Springdale is covered in ice, and Grand Prairie is basking in the sunshine. [You know I’m right 😊] For that reason, each Region’s COO makes the call for the actions to be taken when these events occur and they communicate them to all personnel via emails, TEAMS, through supervisors, using whichever methods work most effectively in that moment.

Action: If you have recommendations, please share those with your supervisor.

Statement: “A way to implement certain tech training (certification) during work hours.”

Response: Many of the most required skills and certification trainings are currently scheduled during work hours. These include Responder 5 Hardware, Telecenter U, Troubleshooting 101, and many more. A host of other offerings you can explore are available via our LMS within Paycom.

Action: If you have recommendations for additions to our tech training and certification classes, or any classes you think could benefit LSC employees, please submit those to your supervisor or email them to:

Statement: “Start giving feedback on where LSC sees the person in 1, 2, 5 years (growing within the Company).”

Response: If you are not getting this particular feedback as part of your 1:1 or during your scorecarding / Rising Star review, remind your supervisor this is important to you. You can also reach out to Trey Meador, Talent Development, to get more input on opportunities for growth within LSC and your role in creating your own Career Ladder.

Action: or TEAMS Trey or phone Trey @ (972) 595-3932

Statement: “We should try to do school systems here in Houston.”

Response: Boy! Do we wish we could! As a Rauland distributor, we have exclusive rights to territories as granted by Rauland. This means the only Rauland product that can be sold within a particular area is product sold by that area’s designated Rauland distributor. Territories are divided by Healthcare and Education, so there are many instances in which one distributor holds the Healthcare line and a different distributor carries the Education line. So long as the distributor meets quota expectations and quality standards and wishes to maintain the Rauland product line, the distributor will retain that product line in their territory. An education distributor cannot suddenly decide to sell Healthcare in a territory where a designated Healthcare distributor already exists… and visa versa. This is the case with our Houston education market. There exists a longtime, designated Rauland distributor in the Houston education market that has been consistently successful and continues to be so.

Action: Until the existing education distributor decides to give that up, our hands are tied. At least we have that GREAT Houston Healthcare market! (And phenomenal Healthcare salespeople working it!)

Statement: “I feel there should be an overall review/evaluation on a tech’s work/jobsites to determine a pay rise or not.”

Response: Funny you should mention that. Scorecarding / Rising Star conversations are now implemented for almost every person in the company. Using metrics to identify areas in which employees excel, areas for improvement, areas for recognition, opportunities for training and career development, supervisors have an objective way to provide feedback, open channels of communication, and determine adjustments in compensation. These reviews are not just about money. It is about job satisfaction, competency, discovering training gaps, and providing true Rising Stars with the tools and support to succeed.

Action: Speak to your supervisor about scheduling your next scorecarding / Rising Star discussion.

Statement: “Make sure that employees are given the proper training of any new task that they are given.”

Response: I have referenced training a good bit in above responses, but I want to emphasize that we want you to feel fully confident in the tasks you perform. There are times that because of recent coworker promotions, team member illnesses, contractor deadlines, etc. we may be placed in a position to jump in to assist without all the formal education that would normally be provided. Hopefully, these instances are not the norm. When a new task is introduced, there should be training, demonstration, observation, and recognition that competency is achieved.

Action: If you find yourself in a situation in which you are unable to comfortably perform to a high level of quality, STOP. Contact your supervisor and voice your concern and clearly state what you need to be successful in that situation. If at any time you do not feel supported after voicing concerns, CONTACT SOMEONE in Executive Leadership OR our HR Director, Ramona Rook. (501) 404-6246.

I hope this has provided you with some answers. Remember, you can always reach out to me with questions. If I don’t have the answer, I will find another resource for you and I am happy to do so.

If you liked this column, LET ME KNOW… I will look into some of our earlier surveys for more comments to answer for you. Blessings! Patt

-Submitted by Patt Bowles, ESVP | Chief Operating Officer Corporate Services



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