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Status Updates from Anywhere with Simple In/Out Desktop

April 27 we shipped a new version of Simple In/Out Desktop. In version 1.2 we added a number of new features to make updating your status quicker from anywhere on your computer.

Simple In/Out in your System Tray or Menubar

The most popular feedback we received was allowing users to update their status quickly from anywhere in the app, a behavior that existed in our old desktop apps. Today we’re exceeding that request by placing Simple In/Out right in your Windows system tray or Mac menubar.

A single click from anywhere on your computer now displays your current status, allows for quickly launching the app, and allows updating your status using your Quick Picks.

This new feature unlocks a handful of other new features as well. Users can now launch Simple In/Out Desktop on startup, in a hidden state, so it’s ready to go. The system tray/menubar will be available for your immediate use.

If you’re using Desktop Presence, launching the app on startup can also begin automatically updating your Simple In/Out status. Because a lot more users will be running Simple In/Out all the time in the background, we’ve brought our Active Time feature to Simple In/Out Desktop. You’re in control of when Simple In/Out Desktop automatically performs status updates.

Right Click to Save Time

We’ve gone further in this release to save managers time by adding right-click menus to the Simple In/Out board.

Managers can quickly update another user’s status or scheduled statuses without having to click to view the user’s profile first. This shortcut saves a number of clicks, and gives us a place to add more time-saving features in the future.

Update today to the new Simple In/Out Desktop

A reminder that the old Simple In/Out Desktop apps are “end of life” and will no longer allow users to remain logged in consistently starting June 1st. Now is the best time to head to and download the new app for Windows/Mac.



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