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Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Hello All,

In my last article it was day 37 of this COVID pandemic. Today it is …. who knows? Actually, I do know; Ray’s keeping good track, Day 161! We tend to try and be lighthearted about COVID to help us deal with the situation, but it has caused some real damage to people we love and to the economy as we all know. I’d like to offer my condolences to all that have had to endure any of these situations. I would also like to say thanks to Ray for staying consistent in keeping us all in the loop with his updates. Despite the pandemic, we are managing to keep persistent and running full speed in Lone Star Communications Central Texas (LSCT).

As you have noticed in past articles, we have re-branded all our offices to Lone Star Communications! Our trucks look good and our employees look great sporting the Lone Star logo on their shirts. This has been a pretty big milestone for us. The timing was good too, as we just completed a year as Lone Star Communications in July. Time flies when you are having fun. Another item we are excited about is we are finally implementing the digital displays in our break-rooms. We hear about the awesome things going on around Lone Star Communications, but now our folks get to check out the info on the digital screen. Thanks to Ron Kruse, Brian Manibo and Patt Bowles for giving me the information, and thanks to Jason Marshal, Buck Smith, David Gonzalez, and Steven Spangler for getting them installed. (Click on the album below for full view.)

One Team - Hitting our stride in the Education market

We are really starting to move in our Education department here in LSCT. We are currently working on 14 schools in Pflugerville ISD, 4 in Killeen ISD, and 1 in Kingsville ISD. This is very exciting for us as we were not expecting to be this busy due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We would like to thank the guys from LSCH (Lone Star Communications Houston), Jesse Navarrete, Rick Pineda and Leoncio Martinez for coming down to help us out week after week. Excellent work. Patt Bowles recently came down to LSCT Georgetown and held a training with our Education guys to show us how we can move forward with these new school districts and implement the “Threat Management System” in the way the customer will get the full benefit of the system. I cannot wait until we have one fully integrated so we can show all the other districts in our area.

Healthcare Market holding steady

Of course, like most other offices, we have been busy with our COVID-19 work. Some of our customers are needing program changes; others need wing conversions. We continue doing what we can to ensure we meet their request. This latest spike in COVID-19 positives led to our LSCT Corpus Christi guys working weekends and pitching in wherever they could. Our San Antonio and Georgetown branches have had their fair share of Healthcare work coming through as well. Recently released HCA and Baptist work have really kept us on our toes, not to mention VA work nipping at our heels!

LSCT San Antonio Jose Mendez and Mariano Perez at NCBH
LSCT San Antonio Jose Mendez and Mariano Perez at North Central Baptist Hospital (NCBH)
San Antonio Techs Austin Garcia and Jakob Garcia Starting St Lukes Baptist


In my last news article, I mentioned Mark Sperlak had been added to our Baylor Scott & White (BSW) service department team. He left us on August 1 to support his wife as she was making a career move. As it was disappointing to see him go, we have hired on Jessica Hammond to fill his position for us as a member of the BSW service team. We are excited to have her on board. We also brought on Noely Ramirez to work in our warehouse in Georgetown. Our Ron Walker has been pulling double duty for a while, handling warehouse duties and purchasing. We have needed someone for a while; we are happy to have Noely on board.

LSCT Georgetown Noely Ramirez and Ron Walker

ONE PURPOSE- Holding Strong

We are thankful to be in our position here in LSCT. We know that not everyone is as fortunate to be working during this time in the middle of this pandemic. When I wrote my last article, I stated the light was peeking through, meaning it looked like we were headed towards a recovery, then the second wave hit. This time around who knows. All we can do is have faith in GOD that we will get through this together and be a stronger, better family, with one purpose, continuing to do our part to make our communities safer. That is all I have for now, from Lone Star Central Texas.

-By Victor S Gonzalez Jr, Chief Operating Officer, Central Texas



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