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Things Are Moving In 2021!

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Hello Lone Star Fam,

Does 2021 seem ultra-fast paced to you too?

My last Sales Corner submission talked about the transition from 2020-2021.

What a transition it has been!

My hope and feeling was that the mess of 2020 had prepared and steeled us to attack 2021. I’d say that we have.

While COVID remains, the vaccines along with people following proper measures have allowed us to get a little normalcy back. While I don’t think things will ever “go back to the way they were,” it has been nice to be able to see family and friends in more close settings. We’ve been able to have more face-to-face meetings, both within our company and with customers.

Perhaps that’s why we are on pace for near record, if not record sales, for Q1.

We’ve come roaring into this first quarter as a team with our past successes fueling our customers confidence in us, resulting in them proudly choosing to partner with Lone Star Communications on more projects.

Anything we may have planned on and subsequently lost was not on us here at LSCI but other circumstances beyond our control.

Being able to get these sales in house gives us a high work backlog, allowing us to continue to expand our team to get better in the areas we currently work in and even explore moving into new products and services we can excel with.

We, in Central Texas, had hoped that 2021 for the Lone Star family was going to be the best yet. We knew then and know now; we have so much to be grateful and excited for.

Thanks to all of our efforts we are well on our way!

So, let’s continue to do it together – LET’s GO!!.

-Chris Andrus, VP of Sales & Business Development, Central Texas



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