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Updated: Aug 3, 2023

Greetings Lone Stars!

It has been a very productive month my friends. So much to cover so little time. We wrapped up the SPC Quarterly midway through July. This was a very productive meeting for the Strategic Team. I won’t spend a lot of time on that here, Joshua Hiett has a great article with all the outcomes. Please be sure to read it if you haven’t already. From SPC we went straight into the first session of Operational Excellence which is our LEAN initiative. We brought the first teams into the Grand Prairie office to meet with the Duggan team. Holly Grissom, our Lean Champion, has a great summary for you under Joshua’s article. Again, be sure to read it.

We are heading into the 3rd quarter a little behind on Sales, but our backlog is still pretty strong due to Rauland getting us parts. Unfortunately, there is not a lot we can do about that, but I will say it seems that parts are starting to trickle in at a good rate, just not quite as fast as we would like. And as far as the sales go, our Top of the line, right on time, Sales dept, has assured us the best is yet to come in the back half of this year so be ready to rock and roll when those floodgates open. Thank you to all for helping where needed. I am hearing we are sharing resources all over the place from Operations to IT, Engineering, and CAS. This is fantastic.

We also just finished up our second 15/five survey of the year. As a company, LSCC scored 79.93. This suggests that our team collective per the results is Highly Engaged. We enjoyed being above the 80% mark in the last 3 surveys but overall, we are still doing good. We did get some feedback that we will need to think about. We appreciate all the feedback and all the participation. We had an overall participation rate of 72%, Arkansas hit 100% and Houston a close 95%. Great job on that Arkansas and Houston. As part of the Executive Team, I can tell you we depend on the details of this survey so we can discuss what it is that is affecting our fellow Lone Stars. Please take advantage of this opportunity next time it comes around. We will be inviting more team members to the Survey debrief so we can try and be more transparent with the results and hopefully in turn we can get even more feedback on what sort of action needs to be taken to improve or keep doing what we are doing.

Thank you to everyone that’s out there making a difference for Lone Star by stepping in where needed and making the right choices when they need to be made for our customers. We are Lone Star, and we are the best out there and our customers know it. They expect us to be the best. We are the best because we care about what we do, and we care about each other. I encourage you all to ask us questions and share your advice and suggestions. Even when you’re the best you can get better.

Rock on Lone Star! One Team, One Purpose, One Family.



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