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What is the Value of Values?

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

We often discuss in meetings when we see individuals that are putting our values on display: One Team, One Purpose, One Family, and we should. Those stories fulfill two functions – it spreads the gospel of Lone Star Communications and it reinforces the same behavior in others. We typically discuss these as it pertains to how a person, or Team, handled something with a customer directly. Again, those are excellent examples, and we should share them. You know what I have been looking for? The subtle employee to employee, Team to Team, location to location interactions and how our values are influencing the day to day activities. That is where the magic happens, because it is becoming intrinsic how we approach everything we do. It is not just something we talk about; we are living the values in our actions.

Here are some things I have been noticing at LSAR, and LSC. The level of TEAMwork has been growing exponentially to the point that conversations are not between departments or branches, they are between a cohesive group of people striving for the same goal (One Purpose). The feedback loop from field techs sending back leads to Sales, Sales team members working together to give our customers a seamless experience, Operations and Service sharing resources between departments AND locations (One Team). Words do not really do this movement justice; there is a very impressive machine starting to really find its optimum drive.

We have several people that have varying things going on in their personal lives, and I know from the field to the Executive team, people are asking them directly, or others close to them, how things are going, how can I we help (One Family). I received a text from someone here, over the weekend, about a new addition to their family. I was excited for them and their family and thankful to share in that. How common do you think this type of interaction with COO’s is? My oldest is in week three of boot camp at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot (MCRD) San Diego, and I have had several people ask me how I am doing, how he is doing (He is doing fine by the way).

What is your point Kevin? I know that is what you are asking. If you think about the loop, we want to create lifelong customers via their customer experience from the beginning to on-going service; our values provide the environment at LSC that feeds that customer loop. If you are scratching your head, read the last paragraph. You hung in this long; it will all make sense.

Our Team has empathy, trust, and genuine care for each other (One Family) making it a place that we want to be. We know that what we do matters, taking care of the customer, and life safety (One Purpose); we work together to take care of the customer (One Team). The customers can see and feel the difference in Lone Star compared to other companies they do business with. Never underestimate the importance of these seemingly small factors and know that customers are willing to pay for the services we provide because of the way we do business. We achieve this level of success, because of One Team, One Purpose, One Family, not despite them.

- Kevin Henderson, Chief Operating Officer



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