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What is up in Grand Prairie?

What is up in Grand Prairie?

Good news…

Thanks to all that were able to join the 30th anniversary celebration in October. What a pleasure to visit with the faces only seen on Go To Meeting and Teams. It is apparent we need to see each other in person every now and then.

The construction of the new offices is completed as well as the new parking spaces. This includes three picnic tables for fair weather lunches. There is soon to be a shade canopy constructed over the picnic area.

Every space in the building has experienced a furniture reset. The arrangement of the areas included more spacing between work areas, some for reduction in distractions and noise.

Holiday season is here. Halloween is over, Veteran’s Day is around the corner and Thanksgiving and Christmas are soon after. Time to reflect on 2021.

I know my world changed in several ways this year. My family felt the pressures of the pandemic, a week of below freezing weather, and now rising prices at every turn. Some of us lost people close to us. Some lost their homes. The emotional roller coaster has been a bit extreme at times.

In the weeks ahead take some time to see those that are special to you. Spend some time thinking about what you are grateful for.

Personally, I experienced the loss of three people that were close to me. I reflect every day about who they were and what they meant to me. Then the next day arrives and I keep going. Some of you are doing the same thing. Some moments are difficult and some moments I celebrate what they meant to me. Then, I keep going.

I am grateful for their peace. I am grateful for the time we shared. I am grateful for the support others willingly provided our family.

I am looking forward to the activities in the next few months. We have new Q4 priorities for this quarter. The Help Desk Pilot will be rolled out in Grand Prairie this quarter. We will need all hands to support Jeff Richard and his team as we progress to implementation.

Through all the distractions in 2021, 2022 is looking like a great year. More changes will come. There is no going back to what ever normal was. We must keep going. This is a new time in our company’s history and in each of our family’s history. We will keep going as One Team, with One Purpose, as One Family.

-Dan Hiett, Chief Operating Officer, Grand Prairie



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