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Where are we going?

Sales 2023 - where are we and what are we seeing? 2022 was an absolutely great year. Lone Star Communications met every sales goal that we set for ourselves. As an organization, we could not be more proud of the finish for 2022. The counter to this is that sales must always look forward and look ahead. We can look back at comparisons or feel good, but we all must look forward to what we can do to build on that success and decide where we will be in 2024. Each of us plays a part in the overall success and long-term growth of Lone Star Communications.

What are we doing to move forward and create the opportunities that we need to be successful as we move forward? We are looking under rocks, creating new ideas, onboarding new people, collaborating even more than in years past, and most importantly we are all part of the innovation that will help usher Lone Star into 2024.

Lone Star utilizes a few key elements to ensure baseline success: Product, People, and Process.

From a product standpoint, anyone at Lone Star should know that our flagship product Rauland-Borg continues to be the leader in the industry as a base hardware solution. As we move forward we have seen that Rauland will continue to be at the core of our functional ecosystem.

Looking at our people, it should be obvious that with each addition of talent, we are adding to the knowledge base, experience, and future of Lone Star Communications. We have added a number of “Rising Star” players throughout the organization, and continue to search for more. If we can become an organization of all “Rising Star” players, we will not be beaten by our competitors. Lone Star’s referral process has truly been a blessing and you, as Lone Star contributors, continue to help add to the success of Lone Star. I have personally been involved with a few of the top-down grading interviews and have enjoyed meeting the individuals that make it through the process. Keep those recommendations coming and help us find the next “Rising Star” player for Lone Star. That leads me to process. Even the interviewing process is a designed process Lone Star utilizes to aid the Lone Star team in finding the “Rising Star” players. Over the last 25+ years, Lone Star has utilized processes to create the standard of excellence that we must deliver to our customers and partners. Our processes lead to success, but that does not always mean they are perfect, and believe it or not, there is a process to suggest change and create better processes. Think “There’s an app for that” but change it to the Lone Star “There’s a process for that”. So that is us as most know us, inside and outside of Lone Star.

2023 as you have heard will be the “Next Level” to simplify it. We must take our Product, People, and Process to the next level. There are some “other” aspects of Lone Star that have been part of the organization since its inception, but in late 2022 and 2023 these “other” aspects have moved into overdrive. Ray and the leadership team have introduced some new offerings including CareSight, IOW, Gun Detection, and AI software, but why? The reality is that all of these things come from the Sales growth goals for the future. So where did these come from and what is the “other” aspect… Innovation!

Lone Star created things in the past that added to our portfolio and we have started partnering with groups that we are confident will drive innovation and help us develop integrations to benefit our customers.

Next level 2023 comes from that fourth layer of Lone Stars core – INNOVATION!

As we move forward into 2023 and look ahead, we should be turning over every rock, reviewing every opportunity, and building our future through innovation between Nurse Call and everything else available to us. ‘Polaris’, CareSight, Help AI, Automation, are all tied to our future. I say this to remind all, that you are a part of where we are going, you are a part of how we get there. Regardless of the economic outlook, regardless of a roadblock that may be present, and regardless of whether or not you think it will help Lone Star, please let others know of opportunities you may see. This may be a sales opportunity, an integration you may think would benefit our customers, or something that may benefit our internal processes, whatever it may be, talk to your supervisor or someone that can pass on the information. Thank you for your time, and let’s make 2023 great!

- Michael Lee

Director of Regional Sales



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