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Who Needs A Nail?

Marquis Woodard

When is a product not a product? It's when you turn it into a Solution or Service!

A product is an impulse buy. You need a nail; you buy a nail. A solution is an emotional buy. The buyer expects to be emotionally served by purchasing. You need a nail, you buy a Handy Man. Why - because the handy man will not only provide the nail but also provide expertise and support for you. They can show you, which is the best nail for your project, help you decide how many nails you need. If you don't want to do it yourself - the handyman will offer services (Professional Services) to install the nails for you.

Professional Services are enhancements or additional offerings that add value. Lone Star Communications’ goal is to be the most in demand provider in the Healthcare Low Voltage Market. To do so we must be that Handyman for our customers. We must be their expert or trusted advisor by providing solutions that are proven to increase productivity, enhance the patient experience, and ultimately – make our community safer.

What does the customer get from Professional Services? Well for one, they get the expertise of subject matter experts. They get time, time to do other things while the handy man is making use of all those nails that were purchased. Use of specialty tools, instead of purchasing a hammer or nail guns, the handy man brings his own tools. How about training…. If the customer just buys nails, they may need training to learn how to use a hammer or nail gun which takes even more of their time away.

Our customers can buy nurse call systems or security products from anyone. And in most cases the installation process will be fairly similar. For us to rise above and beyond the competition, we must offer professional services. We must help the customer solve problems they face over and over again while at the same time helping them solve problems they didn’t know they had.

To complete the emotional buy, the handy man must also come back later and make sure the customer is happy with the "Nail" they bought.

- Marquis Woodard, Director of Sales, Houston



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