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Words Behind the Values

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

When asked what Team-Purpose-Family means to me, these words come to mind.

Resilience + Courage + Commitment + Curious

Resilience was written about in a former article. <link to that article>

This article is about Courage. Courage is an interesting word. The word has roots describing the heart. Such as heartfelt. The dictionary defines courage as the ability to maintain one’s will or intent despite the experience of fear, frustration, or difficulty. Used as a verb to encourage.

How does courage apply to our values of Team-Purpose-Family?

The team requires courage by trusting your teammates. And sometimes trust in your team can lead to constructive conflict. It takes courage to speak your thoughts and express your values. Open discussion and agreement lead to common goals. Then there is mutual accountability around the agreed goals.

And Team Encouragement

To protect our communities, we need to be courageous in pursuing solutions that make our customers safer. Solutions that have a purpose even when the solution is difficult. Solutions come in many forms. Solving a difficult installation, closing a sale, solving a customer’s service request, and solving a difficult training schedule requested by our customer.

These are everyday situations that take courage to solve. Courage always comes before action.

For many of us, our family is why we get up daily. There is integrity in providing for those we care for. It is a privilege to participate in each other’s accomplishments and joys.

When a family member is in distress, regardless of how we feel, we come to share in their burden. This can be personally or corporately.

Not all families function the same. I hope courage is part of your family.

We all have our stories that describe our relationship to Team-Purpose-Family. I know I have many versions of the story. I would like to encourage you to tell your story of courage.

Most of us have forged ahead when facing uncertainty. Most of us have survived and emerged stronger with more confidence.

We do not always see courage for what it is. We see it as fear or uncertainty. Going beyond these sensations with action is courage.

Those that have experienced Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People have experienced courage firsthand.

Courage Equation: Risk + Positive Intentions = Benefit to Others

Courage is part of the value equation.

Resilience + Courage + Commitment + Curious

The article below encouraged me to write my article.

“Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway.” ― John Wayne

- Dan Hiett

Chief Operating Officer



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